You should be in the movies

People like pictures. People love moving pictures.

Take advantage of the power of video to attract and engage your audience – giving them content to remember and which might otherwise take you hundreds of words to say.
Our video service will provide you with professional high-definition video to meet your requirements.

Examples include:

  • ‘talking head’ pieces, allowing you to explain your business in your own words
  • walkthroughs of your venue or premise, allowing your visitors to ‘see’ your premise for themselves
  • videos of your products, professionally shot to make the most of their unique features
  • promotional films and adverts to highlight you and your business in the best possible light

However you want to use video, we will provide you with footage you’ll love – allowing you in on the initial editing stages to help you shape the final cut.

Video will then be provided optimised for web and also for other uses (eg. broadcasting at an event or during a presentation).

Our video service is available across central Scotland; and is available beyond this area for a small additional rate.

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