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Five Steps To Light Your Way Online

Our FREE eBook Five Steps to Light Your Way Online is filled with practical advice, hints and tips on forming your own Digital Strategy.

Written in clear, easy-to-understand language, it takes you through those first steps of deciding who you will be marketing your product and services to online; through to what tools you can use to connect to them.

Split into five easy-to follow chapters, Five Steps To Light Your Way Online is also illustrated with some striking photography, helping you to visualise the points made – and also making sure the ebook is nice to look at!

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People are important

Know your customer

The first chapter deals with knowing your customer – and is filled with advice on creating personas – an important tool in your digital marketing box.
With personas, you can help ensure that everything you do online is targeted at your ideal customer, rather than missing the mark.

It’s not what you say…

Choose your voice

…it’s how you say it.

Chapter 2 helps you decide on your online tone of voice, helping to make sure all of your online communication and content is consistent and stands the best chance of connecting with your customers.

With exercises and examples along the way Five Steps To Light Your Way Online breaks down the task of coming up with your Digital Strategy into easy parts, allowing you to benefit from our practical experience of having followed exactly the same steps.

Who are you?

Pick a profile...

Chapter 3 is about the importance of coming up with a killer profile – something useful and memorable which tells your customers all they need to know about your products and services – and you.

Having a profile which works for you is important: not just for your own website, but for all the online tools you will use to help market yourself online:

Your digital toolkit

Where should you start?

So Chapter 4 deals with the most common social media platforms on the web today. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – just because they exist doesn’t necessarily mean you should use them.

This part of Five Steps To Light Your Way Online therefore examines each of the major platforms, looking at the pros and cons of each: extremely useful for helping you decide which ones you should be on – and why.

Putting it all together

Your online journey begins...

The last chapter helps you put together everything you’ve learned from the eBook – your market, your tone of voice, your profile and the selection of tools you’ll be using.

You’ll be confident after reading Five Steps To Light Your Way Online that you’re doing the right things, in the right places, for the right reasons.

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