Something broken or not working? RightSteps Online consultancy from Torchlight Digital Solutions

Your online healthcheck

If you’re already online with a website and profiles on all the main platforms, it’s easy to think that’s all you need to do.

Or maybe you’ve put a lot of time, effort and cash into getting online but you’re not seeing the benefits.

If it’s broken, we can fix it!

Our RightSteps Online service – designed to identify and then sort out any issues with your online presence – could be just what you need.

What to expect

  • a PERSONAL CONSULTATION where we spend time to understand you and your business and what it is you’re trying to achieve
  • a REPORT detailing:
    • our professional evaluation of your online presence
    • a heatmap showing at a glance where you are doing well – and not so well
    • our practical and achievable recommendations on what you can do to sort out your online issues and get things back on track
  • a VIDEO PRESENTATION summarising our findings (great if you need to take something to management for approval!)

Website evaluations

We also offer a more focused website evaluation service.

This involves looking at your website and – using our years of experience of what works and what doesn’t – suggesting some quick improvements which can be made at low cost, which could make a big difference.

We can even arrange a full-blown usability test of your website to be carried out, where real users and potential customers are observed interacting with your site – a fantastic way to identify what works and what doesn’t.

What to expect

  • a QUESTIONNAIRE designed to capture what it is you want from your website
  • a REPORT detailing our findings and our recommendations on how things can be improved
  • a PRESENTATION highlighting the recommendations in a visual way – great for taking to management

Let’s talk

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail – or to get a FREE no-obligation quote.