Take to the online skies - Digital consultancy from Torchlight Digital Solutions

We’ll help you get off the ground

…Facebook pages…Twitter followers…LinkedIn profiles…digital marketing…online selling…search results…blog posts…web analytics…social networking…

Worried about how to get your business online?

Confused by all those bewildering options?

Concerned that your existing online presence isn’t working as well as it could?

stop worrying!

Making YOUR business work online is OUR business.

Take steps with us – how we can help

Maybe you’re just starting up online and want to know what steps to take.

Or perhaps you’ve been online for a while but wish you knew how to really make the most of it all.

Whatever stage you’re at, we can help you with your online business plans.

This includes:

  • Understanding your business and your market and letting you know where you should focus your efforts online – our FirstSteps Online service
  • Setting you up on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, YouTube, Google+ and more – and showing you how to get the most out of them – our NextSteps Online service
  • Looking at your existing website and telling you how it could be made to work harder for you – our RightSteps Online service
  • Quick and effective Skype-based consultancy for your queries using our Skype QuickStep service
  • Giving you all the assistance you need to make sure people know who you are, what you can do for them and how to get in touch