Look Your Best – what you can learn from The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins’ futuristic young adult trilogy The Hunger Games has experienced global success with its tale of heroism in the face of frightening odds set in a reality TV and fashion-obsessed post-apocalyptic America.

In March, Lionsgate Films will be releasing The Hunger Games movie, based on the first of Collins’ three novels. And – as well as teasing fans with trailers on TV and on the website – they have one of the best and most integrated social media viral marketing campaigns we’ve seen yet to support it.


On Twitter, the official @TheHungerGames account tweets out the latest real-life news in the lead-up to the movie’s release, engaging with fans as the feverish anticipation builds.

A complementary Twitter account, @TheCapitolPN takes on the guise of Panema’s capital city official account, sending out links designed to whip up its fictional populace into a frenzy of pre-Games anticipation – as well as some clever links to information and products featuring in the movie.


Effie Trinket

Effie Trinket

Over on Facebook, District 12′s Effie Trinket has her own page (being run like her character’s own profile); whilst each of the book’s dozen districts have their own pages allowing fans to pledge allegiance to their favourite.

And in a nod to Foursquare, each district page’s fan who shares and interacts with it the most is awarded mayorship, with access to exclusive information and downloads.

YouTube, Tumblr and more

Naturally, the Hunger Games is on YouTube, with its own channel featuring trailers and short teaser clips. The channel is conversation-enabled, allowing fans to chat as they watch and increasing engagement even further.

The fascistic fashionistas of the Capitol are cleverly represented on Capitol Couture, a branded Tumblr containing photos and gossip on the tributes and other ‘celebrities’.

And yesterday, The Hunger Games Adventures were announced, a social game experience from Lionsgate and Funtactix.

Hunger Games Pinterest and Instagram accounts are no doubt only a matter of time…

Watch and learn

Of course, not many of us have the budget of Lionsgate, but The Hunger Games’ social media campaign is certainly one we can learn from:

  • Make the best use of each platform – The Hunger Games uses Twitter for quick news and updates; Facebook to create a sense of community; and Tumblr to appeal to a specific segment of the market who are on that channel
  • Give each channel its own identity – the movie’s digital presence is much more than a collection of links cross-posted between the different platforms. The Hunger Games ‘tone of voice’ is distinctive, and that’s reflected on each of the platforms to great effect.
  • Exclusive content on different platforms – chat about things on YouTube, play games on Facebook, unlock exclusive content on the website, vote for things on Twitter: wherever the movie’s market are online, there’s a way for them to engage and interact
  • Know your audience – The Hunger Games has a strong following amongst teenagers – a very lucrative market. The Capitol Couture Tumblr responds to this excellently, pitching the movie’s style and fashion to an audience eager to gobble up every fashion-based morsel of content.

Let the games commence

Of course, the bonus in all of this is that The Hunger Games looks like it will actually be a good movie. One thing’s for certain though: with its comprehensive and effective digital marketing campaign, wherever you hang out online, you’ll come across it sooner or later.

And as a result, the odds are certainly in the movie’s favour.

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