A versatile device

Calton Hill iPhoneograph

We decided yesterday to capture parts of Edinburgh using different apps and tools on the iPhone 4S.

As well as the shot above, taken using retro photo app Hipstamatic and edited with Snapseed, we played around with panorama apps on top of Edinburgh’s Calton Hill.

Occiptal’s Panorama 360 allowed us to create this immersive shot; and we took another static wideangle view with Debacle Software’s Pano.

Panorama of Calton Hill

Panorama of Calton Hill

There’s an app for that

Later that day, we noticed the sun through the clouds was very atmospheric, so we used Cateater’s Timelapse Camera HD to record this short video.

All of which added up to a satisfyingly creative day – and evidence that today’s smartphones and the apps on them provide a rich variety of functionality that previously you would have needed several expensive and bulky pieces of equipment for.

We love the future…

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