26 Treasures exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland

Edinburgh’s National Museum of Scotland is – after recent refurbishment – one of the most modern museums in the country. Now, in its Scottish Galleries, an exhibition is using modern technology to enhance visitors’ enjoyment.

The 26 Treasures exhibit sees objects in the museum’s collection paired with Scottish writers, who have each penned a short piece to accompany the treasure on display. As well as the usual information panels next to the items, each one also has an associated QR code.

Visitors who scan this using apps on their smartphones are taken to a page on the web where they can listen to the writer read their piece aloud, adding a great deal of atmosphere to the overall experience.

From V Campbell’s short dramatisation of the Lewis Chessmen (pictured above) to Lucy Harland’s poetic tribute to the bionic hand: the museum’s innovative use of technology helps bring the objects – and their stories – to life.

Bionic hand in the National Museum of Scotland

The 26 Treasures exhibition is the latest example of museums and galleries using advances in technology to attract and entertain.

From iPad apps accompanying art exhibitions to Nintendo DS consoles being used instead of audio guides at the Louvre: museums are embracing the possibilities of technology and appealing to a whole new generation of visitors at the same time.

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