Google Bookmarks

Your bookmarks in the cloud

Google do some things brilliantly. Search being the obvious. Some things, like Buzz, Wave and – by the looks of it – Google+ shine less brightly and end up falling by the wayside.

Some of their other services are less well-known, but – like Google Bookmarks – useful, well-designed and free

Like something? Save something

The main advantage of Google Bookmarks is that it allows you to save links to your favourite websites; or to articles and pages you haven’t got time to read now but want to come back to when you have time.

Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks

Using the Google Toolbar or a simple ‘bookmarklet‘, you can add any webpage you come across to your Bookmarks, where they’ll be automatically saved for viewing later.

Using Google Bookmarks has two distinct advantages over using the similar functionality in your web browser:

  1. You’re not tied to one computer – if you have an internet connection, you can access your bookmarks – whether you’re using your own computer or not. As Google Bookmarks are stored in the cloud, they’re available whenever and wherever you’re online.
  2. Ease of organisation – you can assign one or more tags to bookmarks as you save them, building up your own filing system which makes it much easier to find bookmarks on a topic you’re interested in at a later date
Boomarks tagged 'Facebook'

Boomarks tagged 'Facebook'

Not vital, but useful

Google Bookmarks is hardly the most essential online tool; and other online bookmarking services do exist.

As a simple & easy-to-use way to save, organise and retrieve your favourite sites and pages however, it’s a useful addition to your online tooklkit.

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