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It’s fair to say – and a bit of an understatement – that recent changes launched on Facebook have met with a mixed reception. Top news stories seem to be the most loathed, as if Genghis Khan had just appeared on your doorstep with a bag of kittens in one hand and a chainsaw in the other.

Another vilified feature is the new Ticker – that constantly scrolling panel showing what your friends are up to – who they’ve friended, what they’ve just liked, and – crucially – what they’ve just commented.

If they comment on one of your profile updates – even if it was published a few hours or even days ago – that fact will now be broadcast to all of their friends who are currently online. As the first few words of the comment is also published in the Ticker, it can lead to curious people clicking on the link to see more – and seeing your own update in the process.

Not a huge deal if you use your Profile for keeping in touch with friends and family. But if, like me, you use it as a personal brand-building tool, then it has the potential to inject new life into your status updates: getting fresh new eyeballs to see them and perhaps even getting a few people to ‘subscribe’ to your feed if they’re not already friends.

Even after only 24 hours of the new Ticker feature, I’m noticing a difference – relatively innocuous updates which would previously have garnered only a couple of likes and a comment if they were lucky are now getting much more attention – even hours after they’ve been written.

Extend this to your business Pages on Facebook and it’s not hard to see the potential impact of this to extend your reach. Now, the life of an update is extended – and people are alerted to it every time someone engages with it.

I for one welcome it – and hope it sticks around and isn’t binned as a reaction to the groundswell of negative opinions building around the other changes.

More tea, Genghis?

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